The Doors Revival

The Doors Revival  have been playing since 1997 and dedicate themself exclusively to covers of the famous band of Jim Morrison, The Doors.
They were elected Best Cover Band of Switzerland in the Event in Ned in Montreux in 2001 (which allowed them to play twice in Montreux Jazz Festival of Montreux), and since then they performed throughout almost every swiss Clubs or Festivals, with more than a hundred live shows (Ebullition in Bulle, le Bikini Test in La Chaux-de-Fonds, le Ned in Montreux, le festival de jazz de Montreux, le Leysin Snowboard Nescafé Tour in Leysin, le Rocking Chair in Vevey, le Rêve d'O in Genève, le Grand Café, le D Club, le Bleu Lézard and l’Indiana in Lausanne, le Veau Doux in Monthey, l'Estivale d'Estavayer-le-Lac, les Grands Places in Fribourg, le festival de Laax, le festival BD in Sierre, le festival Bonafiesta, le Sierre Blues Festival closing Status Quo, le Breitling Sion Air Show, l’Abraxas, die Alte Kaserne in  Zürich…)
Not to mention radio interviews on Couleur 3 on tour, Bamboclat on Couleur 3, Mordicus on RSR1... Original, the tortured rock of The Doors still reaches its target, deep in the earth of various generations. A music style that has never left the audience.
Stormed by a charismatic Stéphane Beysard and his voice strangely close to Jim Morrison’s one, The Doors Revival is composed by famous musicians: Gunt at bass, Sam Amos (or Simon Favez) at drums, Phil Desmond or Fred Vouilloz at guitar, and Guillaume Buro at keyboards, with his Gibson Kalamazoo organ from 1967, the same one used by The Doors playing live.
The Doors Revival have been setting out to not only reproduce a copy or a loose adaptation of their model, but really to pass on this energy and this ambiguity, which is peculiar to the band of Los Angeles. 
To see The Doors Revival on stage is a unique experience. Few bands venture to base their live performance on playing covers of a single band, especially if they do not master perfectly the subtle differences and the musical sensibilities of the original work.
The Doors Revival have managed to capture this exact energy, these wrongly simple compositions of the Lizard King and his musicians : this way to weaver, through a silence, an intonation or a dissonance, between order and chaos, purity and perversity or reality and strangeness… Don’t miss it!

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